Swami Sunderanand

SunderanandaSwami Sunderanand is a yogi, ascetic, trekker, mountaineer, photographer, naturalist and ecologist, all rolled into one. He is a disciple of the reclusive Swami Tapovan Maharaj under whose guidance; he took the vow of renunciation and bramacharya 59 years ago. Since then he has lived in solitude through the severest of winters without any comforts or conveniences at Gangotri, 10,300 ft. above sea level in the Garhwal Himalaya, in a small cottage bequeathed to him by his guru.

He devotes his life to rigorous meditation and other spiritual practices daily. He engages in 6 hours of meditation during the day, and may meditate at night into the early hours of the morning. The most important parts of his life are meditation, japa and pranayama. As a younger man he was an accomplished hatha yogi, mastering 300 postures, and he continues to practice it daily. He is very devoted to the ecosystem in which he has lived for sixty years. Swami Sunderanand is a fountain of knowledge..