Sri Amritapadananda Natha

amritapadanandaPROF P.A SESHAN is a University Gold medalist in post-graduate English Literature and an all India first in the Civil Services (IAAS) in 1955. He has held prestigious assignments as Director in public and private sectors. He was associated with the founding of the internationally famous Management Development Institute in Gurgaon, as Executive Director of BHEL.

He has been a popular speaker in national and international conferences and has conducted spiritual and value based programs on Stress Management, financial prosperity, transactional analysis and Japanese Zen meditation. He has trained over 10,000 executives in Yoga and Meditation and also initiated students, housewives, artists and other professionals in Japanese Zen. His talks on Zen are a must hear for anyone who wish for a quality life and vibrant health, success and self-actualization.

Prof Seshan’s teachings are traditional and esoteric, at the same time scientific and based on tested theories and the rich wisdom of his vast experience. He has researched and developed unique programs after over 50 years of continuous practice, drawing from ancient texts and scriptures. He has learnt traditional yoga from great stalwarts like Narayanan Pothi, Padmanabha Pillai, Yogacharya Krishnamacharya. Prof Seshan is conferred with the title ‘Arul Nidhi’ by H.H. Sri Vedathiri Maharishi, the great grandsire of ‘Kundalini yoga’

Hailing from an ancient family rich in Mantra lore and having a library of rare books and palm leaf- manuscripts, Prof. Seshan has done extensive research on trans generational sources of wisdom and culled out principles relevant to today’s personal and corporate challenges. In his seminars and workshops he has provided an empowering philosophy based on wisdom of eastern minds.

He is also the founder of Global Zen Foundation and a master of repute of esoteric ‘Sri Vidya’. His research and practice of ‘Mudras’, and their effects on holistic well-being has always been a distinctive element of his teachings. He has been honored with the title of ‘Sri Amritapadananda natha’ for his expertise on ‘Sri Vidya’
and ‘Sri Chakra’ upasana. His teaching on Vedas and other ancient texts are both spiritual and scientific and has attracted and inspired disciples from across the world.