About Shakti Yoga

Shakti Yoga is an interpretation of the timeless wisdom of Yoga for today’s world. It integrates the classic tenets of Yoga with other aspects of physical and mental wellbeing to create a unique, dynamic, flexible system.

The emphasis is on a creative approach that can be adapted to suit individual psyches and physiques. Whatever the mental or physical fitness level of particular individual, Shakti Yoga guides one through a path that works best for him. Drawing on disciplines such as dance, martial arts, various healing techniques and advanced meditation techniques, it allows various angles of approach to the same goal…the goal of Yoga or union. The union of body mind and soul, of your inner world with your outer world, of the individual self with the absolute.

ShaktiYoga takes the best that traditional Yoga has to offer, and integrating it with other streams, practices and innovative interpretations, renders it highly relevant and effective in today’s world. It’s a more dynamic, spontaneous approach to Yoga that takes into consideration the demands of the modern, fast-paced world and devices person-specific, highly practical schedules that confer maximum benefits.

ShaktiYoga is the Yoga of creativity, energy and spontaneity. Through it, you will be better able to tap into the nearly unlimited well-spring of energy and creativity that we are all blessed with, and make the most of each and every day of your lives.

Why Shakti Yoga

Perfect for this imperfect world

The modern world’s insane pace and everyday chaos requires a path that can address real issues in the real world. It’s a path that requires no avoidance of the varied aspects of daily life. It prescribes no strict penances or rigid guidelines. Shakti Yoga works through an unconventional approach that enables a practitioner to achieve tangible benefits quickly. Individual strengths and weaknesses are taken into consideration before deciding on a schedule.

Highly practical in all aspects, Shakti Yoga’s philosophy too is immensely sensible. Rather than aiming for some esoteric form of enlightenment, Shakti Yoga works towards achieving a very tangible richness of living that can be experienced in all aspects of everyday living. It seeks a perfect balance between the worldly and the spiritual. It’s a path that while encouraging spiritual growth lays equal emphasis on fully indulging in worldly matters.

ShakltiYoga is Yoga for the modern world. And its objective is to arm every person with the ability to live life to his/her fullest potential.

How It Works

The 6-fold approach

Shakti Yoga works on 6 major aspects to bring about holistic physical, mental and spiritual development:

  • Physical Health – Strength training, cardiovascular fitness, flexibility and physical relaxation, using various massage techniques
  • Mental Health – Healing any emotional, physiological blocks and trauma, anxiety, depression, stress and removal of stress-related headaches and migraines.
  • Holistic Healing – Using the science of Ayurveda, Naturopathy, Reiki, and Pranic healing to remove common ailments and diseases and boost up the immune system.
  • Diet & Nutrition – Weight reduction, cleansing and improving energy levels of the body and mind through high energy yielding foods
  • Physiotherapy – Injury rehabilitation. Treating and strengthening injured muscles, ligaments and tendons
  • Spiritual practice – Appropriate person-specific meditative techniques to help you get in touch with your inner self


What Shakti Yoga can do for you?

Evolving to a higher state while staying grounded, ShaktiYoga is a path of complete transformation that lays stress on staying relevant and practical in day-to-day life. It aims to make an individual more capable of dealing with and making the best of all aspects of his life, whether it’s work, play or spiritual well being. The emphasis is on change that works on all levels to bring about a holistic evolution of the whole being. With the 6-fold approach, various positive changes in the body, mind, intellect and spirit can be achieved in just few weeks of training. You will find noticeable, tangible changes in your overall health and well-being.

Physical benefits

Shakti Yoga can bring about a total transformation of the physique to create a body brimming with energy and vitality. Benefits include complete detoxification of body, toned muscles, improved strength and stamina, better posture and body language, increased energy levels, sound sleep, longevity, removal of any pain or discomfort and relief from common ailments, removal of muscle tension and stiffness. An overall rejuvenation of the body and slowing down of the aging process is the goal.

Mental benefits

By harnessing meditation and Yogic techniques, Shakti Yoga works on creating a mindset that can maintain serenity and focus even when faced with adverse external stimuli. Benefits include increased mental clarity and calmness, removal of chronic stress patterns and anxiety. Relaxed mind, sharper concentration and alertness, better memory and creativity, and improved ability to monitor and respond to stress signals. Better memory and higher productivity.

Spiritual benefits

Shakti Yoga enables a transformative spiritual awareness without following any religious doctrine. A new wholeness of being is brought about by using techniques from Sri Vidya and other spiritual traditions. Appropriate methods are utilised to help reach into the deepest recesses of the mind and draw on hidden resources. Such practices help bring about an ideal union of one’s body, mind and soul and grow into an evolved individual who is in perfect harmony with the world and oneself.